All-Inclusive Canadian Pardon Price $695*

Our Exclusive Pardon Package Includes:

Personalized Service

You will deal directly with your agent during the entire process.
you will be able to obtain information via email or a phone call and have a response that same business day.

Processing Of All Documents

Unlike other pardon companies, you will never be made to complete the application documents on your own.

Obtaining All Court Documents And Police Documents As Required

Unlike other pardon companies, we handle the request for all documents as noted above. You will not be made to do this. The $60 fee for a police document is completely covered in this package.

Your Application Is Given Priority Service

Our team of professionals will begin working on your application immediately.

Application Tracking And Status Reports By Email

All Faxes, Scanning, Photocopies And Postage Included

Our Exclusive Pardon Package Includes:

  • Current Local Police Check
  • Court Searches
  • Courier Fees to expedite the application process
  • Completion of all legal documents required by the Parole Board of Canada
  • Certified copy of your Criminal Record from Ottawa

This package covers up to $60 of the police service local check fee. Includes the court‘s search fees of up to $20. One fee covers it all, you will never be billed any extra.

All other pardon companies in Canada will bill you separately for these services. Our ‘All- Inclusive Canadian Pardon’ includes these fees in one low price. We want you to obtain your pardon… not empty your pocket book.


Disbursement Fees:

– $15 Per Conviction
Unlike other pardon companies that charge up to $83 per conviction.

– $60 Police fees for subsequent documents required for each city you have lived in the last 5 years.

– $60 For Military Record Searches
These are required if you have been employed by the Canadian Armed Forces or have been a reservist.

– $120 for Additional Administrative Fees
This would include our personalized work should you receive a ʻProposal to Denyʼ letter from the Parole Board of Canada. With your information, we will write the reply requested. Should the Dept of Homeland Security require subsequent information, we will look after this request. If the documents we have prepared have expired due to the client not paying the application fee required by the Parole Board of Canada, etc., this fee will be required to redo the application (plus applicable court and police fees). The original application we completed must be presented.

– $631 Parole Board filing fee is to be paid by each client at the time their application is ready to be submitted to Ottawa.

Our mission is to get your Pardon granted as quickly as possible. We understand how a criminal record has affected your life and want you to be able to enjoy your new freedom now. Whether that means getting the job you’ve always wanted or to enjoy school field trips with your child. We’re the support you need.

*this expedited package does not include the Parole Board filing fee of $631.


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