Canadian Pardons and US Waiver Services

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If you are looking for help with your pardon or waiver application & filing, it’s worth taking extra time to learn about scams and tricks in the pardon services industry.

Three things to avoid when picking a pardon company:

1) Avoid any pardon company with an ad that states “Pardons are ending..Apply before itʼs too late”. This company is using a ʻscare tacticʼ to entice you to sign up. The word ʻpardonʼ is no longer used… it is now called a Record Suspension. This proves how deceptive this company is.

2) Avoid any pardon company that promises to have your application processed faster if you pay more money. The Parole Board of Canada will not accelerate the review of your application.

3) Avoid any pardon company that asks for money before getting all the information about your conviction. These pardon companies are taking your money before determining your eligibility.

Three reasons to choose Pardon Now Enterprises Inc. as your representative:

1) When you contact Pardon Now Enterprises you will immediately realize you are speaking to a representative who is very knowledgeable, discreet and caring. Your best interests are of utmost importance to us. Our customer service is #1.

2) Our very knowledgeable staff will fully explain the details of a Record Suspension and Travel Waiver application. Our business is built on a policy of honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves in offering a service with no hidden costs and no surprises. You will know what to expect from the very beginning.

3) We understand the frustrations with government forms and red tape. When you hire us, you can be assured our proven experience allows us to complete your application and submit it to the Parole Board of Canada in the quickest way possible. Once your pardon is granted, your criminal record will no longer appear on your file.