Canadian Pardons and US Waiver Services

Get Your Pardon with our 4 Step Process


Contact an Agent

Contact us and we will provide you with the information necessary to move forward with your application. We will be your personal guide through the entire pardon (or waiver) application & filing process and we’re here to answer any of your questions.


Submit Your Fingerprints Electronically

We will take your fingerprints and submit them electronically in order to generate an RCMP Criminal Record Certificate. If you reside in a location not serviced by one of our agents we will provide you with instructions on how to have your fingerprints submitted electronically using our Remote Cardscan Service.


We Prepare Your Record Suspension Application Form

 We prepare the Record Suspension application form and provide you with a step by step check list to make sure you understand what must take place for your application to be processed as quickly as possible.


We Will Ensure A Good Quality Presentation Of Your Application

We will review and ensure your application has all the information and documentation requested by the Parole Board. This includes a review of the Measureable Benefit/Sustained Rehabilitation form to ensure it is grammatically correct. We cannot comment on the content because the Parole Board requires this to be in your words and only you can accurately depict how you meet these requirements. We can, however, assist you in making sure you are expressing yourself in a clear and concise manner.